Kenya Class Year 4

Autumn 2

In Kenya class, we have been working on our addition and subtraction methods in Maths and selecting the most appropriate method for different questions. We have then applied this knowledge to help us solve a range of PSR (problem solving and reasoning questions). We are also focusing on learning our 8 times table facts.


In English, we have started a narrative unit linked to a short film called 'The Ride of Passage'. We have been exploring the setting and how to write complex sentences with subordinate clauses. Next, we will be writing our own stories linked to Toki's adventures.


Also, in PE we have just started a multi skills unit and in Geography we have been learning about Europe, in particular comparing Russia, Greece and the UK. 

AUTUMN 1 2022

In Kenya class, we have just started an English unit based upon a short story called ‘The Tin Forest’. We are going to be exploring the setting and characters in the story so we can write a diary entry as the main character. In maths, we have been practicing our times tables skills and being able to read and interpret different number lines. We are enjoying our new science unit on sound and we are using experimenting on how to create different sounds and the note of a sound using different instruments.  

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