Mozambique Class Year 6

MARCH 2023

This half term, we have continued our chocolate topic. The next step of our D.T chocolate topic has been to make chocolate and make the packaging. We also had the task of evaluating our chocolate which meant that we had to eat it! We loved this is part of the design process. Once we had made the chocolates and packaging, we were able to take them home.

In English lessons, we have been reading War Horse. War Horse is such a fantastic book and it has helped us with our writing. We have written diaries, letters and descriptions based around the characters from the book.

We have also loved learning about trade around the world in our Geography lessons.


It has been a really exciting term for us. We were delighted about moving to our new school and settling into our classroom and we have loved the topics this term. 

In science, we were learning about light and shadows. We really enjoyed the experiments where we investigated how light travels in straight lines and the investigations on how shadows are made. 

However, our favourite topic this term has been based around chocolate. We have been learning about Ghana during our Geography lessons because they are one of the places that grow a lot of chocolate and export it around the world. We have looked at how chocolate is grown and how it is traded and exported to factories in England. The best part of the topic has been the designing of our own chocolate bars for a D.T project. We have looked at packaging and slogans, tasted chocolate and designed bars and we will be making our chocolate very soon!


In Mozambique class this term, we have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty. This is a fictional story set in Victorian London. It follows the life and adventures of a poor street child named Jim and is a great insight into life as a child in Victorian Britain. As a class, we have loved reading this story and we cannot wait to find out what happens to Jim at the end of the book.  We have used this story as the basis of lots of our own writing during English lessons, including writing character descriptions, persuasive letters and diaries.



We have been very busy in Mozambique class over the last few weeks. In history, we have continued to learn about how life changed for people during the Industrial Revolution and we enjoyed looking at what the railways looked like when they first came to Yeovil. We also found out what it was like working as a Navvy: living away from home in dangerous conditions in order to build the growing railway lines.

We are very much enjoying learning about Jim's story in 'Street Child' and we have done lots of work on this in English, writing different texts such as character descriptions and diaries. Reading this book and then writing about the key events is really helping us to understand what life was like for poorer people in Victorian Times!

Our maths for the last couple of weeks has been based on fractions and we are feeling much more confident with how to do lots of different things with them such as ordering them, simplifying them and adding and subtracting them. Our twice daily times table tests are helping us with the multiplication and division knowledge needed to succeed with our fraction work.

Our science lessons have been a bit mouldy! We did an investigation to see what makes mould grow best on a piece of bread. Some of the bread hardly went mouldy at all but we did learn that mould likes damp - the mouldiest piece of bread was definitely the one that we made slightly wet. We didn't realise mould could be so colourful!

We have been very lucky to have been able to work with an artist, Darrell Wakelam, who came in for the day and showed us how to make some terrific Mayan masks. We learnt lots of techniques for making pieces of cardboard 3D so that we could build up the shape of our mask. We then used tissue and glue to create a surface that we could paint and really bring our masks to life. It was a great day and working in teams meant that we got to practice our collaboration skills.


As well as all this, we have also started a new song in music (You've got a Friend) and we are applying our computing skills to designing a game.  In French we are learning how to talk about the weather. We've needed to say 'Il pleut' (it's raining) a lot in the last couple of weeks!


We are really enjoying our learning happening here at Bucklers Mead and look forward to finding out a lot more in all of our lessons as we get closer to the end of the Autumn Term.


In Mozambique class, we have started learning about the Victorians. We are learning about this time in history and especially about the Industrial Revolution. In our art lessons, we have been studying the famous Victorian artist, William Morris. 

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