Bangladesh Class Year 4


We have been very busy in Bangladesh learning new things. In English, we've enjoyed using a video clip where we only watched a small part then had to guess what would happen next. This led to us writing some great descriptions linked to the Amazon Rainforest. 


Maths has been using exchanging for addition and subtraction. We discussed different methods we needed to use. We've continued with our times table tests (the 8s have been a bit trickier for some of us). We've continued using our counting stick and saying the facts aloud to help us learn them.


Our geography has been linked with 'biomes' that we looked at last half term. We used an atlas to identify different countries within Europe then looked at the biomes within those countries. This then led to a comparison between the UK, Greece and Russia.


We've been busy with many other subjects too and lots of us especially enjoy computing, PE and music. 


In Bangladesh, we have been working hard to write own own stories in the style of 'The Stone Trolls'. In Maths, we have been using our knowledge of place value and looking at number lines. We've enjoyed learning our times tables in a new way and completing the daily tests. A visitor came to speak to us about our physical and mental health in PSHCE.

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