Barbados Class Year 5


Since our last website post, Barbados has continued to work hard and strive to fit as much learning as they can in the school week.  They have shown continued resilience, trying their very best in all subjects.

In Maths, Barbados have continued strengthening their knowledge with daily times tables practise of the 4, 8 and currently the 3 times tables. This has helped with their learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers.

In English, Year 5 has started to read the classic story, “Wizard of Oz” and Barbados has created news reports based around the start of the story where Dorothy, Toto trapped in the house disappears into the cyclone.

Art has been a fantastic success, especially as the majority of the class didn’t believe in their artistic abilities.  All of them should be very proud of their achievements! 

Swimming at Oxley pool continues to be a highlight of the week, with everyone, no matter their ability, continuing to impress the instructors.

Lastly the children have started to broaden their knowledge of how to identify symbols and use maps in Geography.

Next week, many of Barbados will be attending the residential trip at Mill on the Brue.  Several will be staying behind, but will no doubt have a lot of fun with the activities organised.


In Barbados we have based our English learning around the book Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  We have written our own versions based on similar events. This half term, we have been concentrating on place value; ordering, rounding, negative numbers and decimals.  We are currently revisiting and strengthening our knowledge with addition and subtraction using 4-digit numbers.   In art, Barbados have begun to compare the two different illustrations of the Iron Man book. We have started to sketch the Iron Man and will continue by using pen and paint to give depth and character. In science, Barbados have been learning about our solar system including looking at how the Moon and Sun affect us .

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