Design Technology at Milford Junior School

Design and technology is a fun, engaging and practical subject that allows children of all ages and abilities to engage with the designed and made world.  They learn how products and systems are designed and manufactured, how to make creative use of a variety of resources, how to critically evaluate and improve their designs and, in doing so, how to improve the world around them.

  • All lessons are planned using skills progressions (based on the Chris Quigley education scheme) so year on year pupils can build on prior learning as well as acquiring new skills.
  • We cover a range of product design areas – including food technology, textiles, computing, materials, electronics and construction.
  • Central to every project is the Design-Make-Evaluate process, which encourages children to really think about who they are designing their product for as well as asking them to evaluate how and why their designs changed as well as how to improve them.
  • Every year group spends time looking at inspiring designers work and takes part in fun challenge work that asks them to, for instance, give their next superhero outfit the Vivienne Westwood treatment.