Geography at Milford Junior School

At Milford, geography is an integral part of our curriculum, providing all children with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the world around them. During their time at Milford, it is important that the children enjoy learning about geography, not just through experiences in the classroom, but also through a variety of fieldwork opportunities and educational visits.  

Our teaching aims to instil both a love of learning geography and a keen inquisitiveness to discover more about our local area and the wider world beyond it. Through the key units, the children will explore a range of places and will be introduced to important geographical processes like landscape formations. They will also study the human side of geography and how it helps to shape the world around them. Each lesson, children will build their confidence in using key geographical terminology whilst utilising a variety of resources such as digital mapping, atlases, and aerial photographs to support them.  

Alongside the key units, the children will have opportunities to explore locations in greater depth through focussed case-studies, learning about the natural and man-made features as well as the cultural differences. It is essential that the children have the chance to make comparisons between each case-study and their immediate environment. In doing so, the children will develop a greater understanding of their place within the world and a growing awareness of their individual impact upon it.