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  • My favourite subject is Art because I like drawing, colouring and painting.

  • My favourite subject is science because it is fun.
  • Everything is nice & fair; sometimes we get to do tug of war and activities on the field.
  • This school is very good; all the adults are very kind and help students make good choices.
  • Milford has great teachers, good equipment, science experiments and the school is a calm, friendly environment.

  • The library at our school has lots of amazing books to read.

  • I love and enjoy lessons and think that they are planned well.

  • I think Milford is great because of the lesson qualities.

Year 5

Welcome to our year 5 page where you will find pictures and examples of work celebrating achievements within the year group.  

'Star writers' for last week: 

5B - Sophie Hampson-Coombs and Ebony Greenstock

5RM -  Thomas Pitman, Eden Coleman and Olivia 

5Ba - Mae Pitman and Nic McCormack

5T - 

Well done to all children receiving the award. They will write their next 'pow wow' in a different colour. 


Fleet Air Arm Trip - Thursday 30th November 2017

“It is run and organised by the Royal Aero Society Yeovil Branch with the help and support of: Leonardo Helicopters, RAeS Bristol Branch, University of the West of England (UWE), Yeovil College and hosted by the Fleet Air Arm Museum.” 


First of all, we listened to the drone presentation. It was very interesting and we found out lots of things like where to fly them or where not to fly them. At the start of the presentation we watched the graduates from UWE fly a couple of drones. One didn’t quite work to begin with then with a quick adjustment it took off. The graduates were so good at it! Then we watched some videos of remote control aeroplanes flying in the sky. When the videos had finished, they asked us; “how do the planes fly?” We learnt all about the forces that keep a plane in the air such as ‘thrust’. Then they held up a small piece of technology called an auto-pilot. Then they warned us never to fly anything like a drone or remote controlled aircraft near animals, small children, buildings (inside and out) and especially never near real aircraft!

Our first challenge was to build a helicopter out of tools we had been given. We were separated into teams and had a helper from Leonardo’s. On the table we found a small teddy bear, screwdriver, screws and hook. We then had to choose the type of propeller. We had three choices. We each had two practise turns in which our goal was to make sure our helicopter dropped onto the bull’s eye. For a direct hit our team got 20 points, then 15, 10 and 5 for the further away we got. It was a very exciting and tense competition.

After our delicious lunch our second challenge was using the wind tunnel. We had to create our own aerofoil. Again we were split into our groups and we went into a classroom where we found all the tools and equipment necessary to complete our task. After 20 minutes we returned to the first room to test our creations in the wind tunnel. Preston School went first and they were good, then it was our turn and we were really good too!

At the end of our action packed event we all went back into the hall for an awards ceremony. There were lots of prizes and I was lucky enough to win a book about helicopters! Overall I think everyone had lots of fun and really enjoyed their day. We were all very tired on the way home. Thanks to Mrs. Bews for organising such a special trip!

By Katie Johnson and Layla James 5B


5RM Cooking

5RM Cooking

 5B Australia Display 

5B Australia Display

Multicultural week – Monday 30th October  - Friday 3rd November

In year 5 as part of Multicultural week each class completed an in depth study of a specific country.

5B  - Australia

5Ba – India

5RM – Canada

5T – New Zealand

Each class researched about the climate, geographical features and tourist attractions within their chosen country. Also each class spent time in the kitchen creating traditional dishes, for example 5B created ANZAC biscuits. During PE lessons each class had the opportunity to experience a sport from each country for example Rugby from New Zealand and Cricket from India. The week was completed by all the pupils sharing their information booklets with each other, stories from each country and a musical finale where each class performed a song for example: 5T performed the Hakka, 5RM the Canadian national anthem and 5B Waltzing Matilda. All the pupils really immersed themselves into all the activities and completed some excellent half term projects.


Montacute House September 2017

5B and 5Ba went on their first educational visit in September to Montacute House. Each class had the opportunity to explore the gardens and then they were led on a tour of the house by a member of the National Trust team. All the pupils really immersed themselves in the history of the House and have been able to apply their knowledge effectively, especially in English and Topic lessons.

Marine Biologist Visit from Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve 

On Wednesday 22nd February two lovely, amazing, helpful people came into our colossal school and presented to us a range of interesting information about habitats and animals that  exist at luxurious Lyme Bay, which is a wonderful place. The two people were called Neville, Larry the lobster/Loretta the lobster. We got to listen to some interesting facts about what happens under water and we got to hold some fossils of fish such as starfish and cuttlefish. Some facts that we learnt are: 

  • If  you cut a starfish it will grow back like a lizard;  
  • Lobsters attack with their bottom 4 claws; and  
  • You need to get big holes for the nets to help with sustainable fishing. 

Here are some quotes of our favourite parts: 

Demi: “My favourite part was learning about the sea life and when we saw all of the mermaid pockets!" 

Corey: “My favourite part about the talk was when we got to touch the lobster called Larry!"  

Angel: “My favourite part about the Marine talk was holding Larry the lobster!” 

Sebastian: “My favourite part about the Marine talk was being tangled up in the fishing net!” 

That was some of our thoughts about the magnificent Marine talk and there was a lot more to learn about the lovely, spectacular sea life.  

Now we will show you the interesting old things we know about sea life: 

  • A Jellyfish stings  you when they feel threatened 
  • If you want to catch a different type of fish then use different bait and throw your rod at a lower point in the water 
  • Lobsters attack when you touch them, if you leave then alone they will leave you alone  
  • Not only do lobsters have two huge front claws they have four little claws that they can detach if a predator grabs them. 

By Angel, Corey, Sebastian and Demi

Year 5 Tesco Visits 

Year 5 have recently had the opportunity to visit Tesco as part of their Science work on healthy eating. We found out lots of interesting facts about how much sugar is in different types of food such as there are 11 cubes of sugar in coke and Ribena has 10 sugar cubes. Each day we should  have around 6 cubes of sugar! As well as that we all had a great day and we even had a competition which was FUN!!  Secondly, we tried some fruit and vegetables and we really liked trying different exotic fruit from around the world. 

By William, Livvy, Daniel T, Jaron and Isaac 

Alice and Wonderland Trip  2016

On Thursday 24th November Year 5  had the opportunity to watch Alice and Wonderland at Westfield Academy. The show was amazing and there were even 2 Alice's! Happily, the show was so funny and so was the producer! The lighting was bright and effective and the projection of voices from the actors was super. All the characters knew their parts and they didn't mess up at all. Our favourite part was when the Queen of Hearts shouts off with their heads. All the neon costumes were perfect and the masks were so sparkly and creative. 

By Abi Gillard, Jayce Coy and Daniel Tailby 5B. 


Tudor Day  2016

On Monday 21st November, year 5 had their Tudor Day. They took part in activities such as: Tudor Dancing where the dances consisted of standing in a circle and marching; writing with quills in 5RM and they wrote the Tudor alphabet with a quill and ink; sewing pomanders and they put lavender inside of them; cooking Tudor spice biscuits with a hint of nutmeg in the kitchen; and finally researching Tudor spices using their computing skills. Most of year 5 liked:

  • Making pomanders
  • Cooking
  • Researching
  • Tudor dancing
  • Writing with quills

(the whole day basically!)

By Rufus Soord, Lucien Green and Oliver Drake 5B

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations Friday 10th June 2016

Year 5 recently celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday. As a whole year group they took part in learning how to march like the Queen’s Guard. Below is a photo:

 Greek Day Friday 20th May 2016

The children enjoyed their day, dressed in some superb costumes. Activities included: designing a Greek bookmark; tasting food from the country; taking part in 'Olympic' activities and making their own amphitheatre.