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  • My favourite subject is Art because I like drawing, colouring and painting.

  • My favourite subject is science because it is fun.
  • Everything is nice & fair; sometimes we get to do tug of war and activities on the field.
  • This school is very good; all the adults are very kind and help students make good choices.
  • Milford has great teachers, good equipment, science experiments and the school is a calm, friendly environment.

  • The library at our school has lots of amazing books to read.

  • I love and enjoy lessons and think that they are planned well.

  • I think Milford is great because of the lesson qualities.

Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page where you will find pictures and examples of work celebrating achievements within the year group.

November 4th 2016    

We enjoyed creating our Firework pictures ready for the 5th of November!     



November 2016

Year 4 have been writing their own 'blogs' this week. They are at the drafting stage and just need a final edit before going live!

4H Blogs

Science Circuits

In Science we have been looking at circuits. We used batteries, wires and a bulb. We started on it a couple of weeks ago.

On Tuesday last week, we tested for conductors and insulators. We had a sheet of paper, some objects and we tested which objects would make the bulb light up. We had bubble wrap, coins, a spoon and a zip. It was fun! We found out only the metals were conductors.


Making my Clay Pot

On Friday afternoon I was working really hard on making my clay pot. I was given the clay by Mr Houlihan, my teacher. I shaped my pot really carefully with my fingers.


Time to dance

My blog is about dance. It is super fun and it makes you fit! Mrs Cleminson teaches dance club on Fridays after school and we have learnt lots of new moves. This is some of the songs we have dance to: Banana, Waka Waka, Can't stop the Feeling, Fireball, How deep is your Love and Peanut Butter Jelly. Make sure you learn your dances - NOW!


Class Assembly

4H Class Assembly was on Wednesday 4th October. We all chose different things we had done during the term such as: Science, Music, clay pots, Maths, English, Roald Dahl day, gymnastics and Gore Farm. My group talked about our visit to Gore Farm. We built a shelter on the stage! At the end of assembly everyone clapped for us.



At the end of October I played football for the Milford Y4 team at Bucklers Mead. It was so fun there!  We had ten players in our squad. We played four matches and each match lasted ten minutes, with no half-time. We got kick-off every time. We won two and lost two of our matches. I scored in one of our matches.



A few weeks ago we did an experiment (on the top playground). We all sat in the gazebo. Mr Houlihan put two cola bottles on the ground. We put loads of Mentos in one bottle and not so many in the other. The cola EXPLODED!!!! It ran all down the steps. When we had finished we recorded pictures in our books. It was exciting to watch and we had lots of fun!




October 2016

4H enjoyed making and then painting our Celtic thumb pots!


September 2016

During this first half term our topic theme is 'Raiders', where we will be looking at the Celts, Vikings and Anglo Saxons. We will also be going to Gore Farm to carry out some of our own shelter building!