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  • My favourite subject is Art because I like drawing, colouring and painting.

  • My favourite subject is science because it is fun.
  • Everything is nice & fair; sometimes we get to do tug of war and activities on the field.
  • This school is very good; all the adults are very kind and help students make good choices.
  • Milford has great teachers, good equipment, science experiments and the school is a calm, friendly environment.

  • The library at our school has lots of amazing books to read.

  • I love and enjoy lessons and think that they are planned well.

  • I think Milford is great because of the lesson qualities.

Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 page where you will find pictures and examples of work celebrating achievements within the year group. 

'I can't believe that I am running with an Olympic athlete'...

MJS were extremely lucky to have Liz Yelling, a double Olympian and Commonwealth marathon runner, lead an inspirational assembly in the build up to this years sports day. A select group of year 3 children were then fortunate enough to have a training session with Liz where she put our athletes through their paces. Despite being a very warm day it was still 12 degrees cooler than Liz's first Olympic marathon in Athens (40 degrees)!




 A letter from David Walliams...

After writing to a host of inspirational people as part of a short topic we were delighted to see that Brooke had received a letter from David Walliams. He gave her some top tips about becoming an author and encouraged her to continue her love for reading!


Inter year group 'Hoopball' tournament

Year 3 started off the Spring 2 half term with a 'Hoopball' tournament where we represented our house teams against each other and put into practice the skills gained during our games lessons last half term. 



The Tutankhamun and Mummy exhibition, Dorchester

As part of our 'Ancient Egypt' topic we went to the Tutankhamun and Mummy exhibition in Dorchester. We had a great time learning about Howard Carter's expedition to find Tutankhamun's forgotten tomb and had the chance to examine some Mummies!






Image Editing

Year 3 have been editing pictures using Microsoft Word and its picture tools. The same image has been edited in 6 different ways by Millie, Shayna and Casey.



Christmas Performances

All of Year 3 have taken part in our annual Christmas performance. Thank you to all of the friends and family who were able to attend.


Performance Poetry - Bonfire Night

All of Year 3 have written class 'Bonfire' poems where we have added actions and sounds to our words. 3M and 3D performed their class poems to each other and then collaborated on a chorus! 




Magnificent Milford Award Winners (07/10/16, 14/10/16)

3M - Casey    3D - Lily   3F - Alex     3CW - Georgia

Congratulations to the winners in Year 3! 


Devon and Somerset Fire Service Visit

Each Year 3 class had the pleasure of welcoming the Devon and Somerset Fire Service in to talk about fire safety and how to stay safe. The children demonstrated a great understanding of what to do in an emergency and recognised the importance of making a fire safety plan at home.



Magnificent Milford Award Winners (23/09/16, 30/09/16)

3M - Brooke    3D - Chloe   3F - Tia     3CW - Ryan

Congratulations to the winners in Year 3! 


Magnificent Milford Award Winners (09/09/16, 16/09/16)

3M - Henry    3D - Stefan    3F - Erin      3CW - Sam

Congratulations to the winners in Year 3! 


September 2016

All of the 'Milford Family' would like to extend a warm welcome to our new year 3 children who have joined us from various schools in Yeovil and the surrounding areas. You will find out some of what we do on our year 3 curriculum page. Enjoy your first half term at Milford Junior School.

The Somerset Earth Science Centre

Year 3 have just been on a very exciting trip to the 'Somerset Earth Science Centre' which was part of our recent science topic: rocks and plants. The day consisted of rock testing, a woodland walk around the centre's lake  and a trip into a working quarry! The children were amazed by the machinery and the volume of basalt produced to make new roads in the South West! 



Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

We celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday this afternoon by designing and producing our own commemorative plate! 



Rainforest homework projects: A big well done and thank you to all of the children who produced a rainforest themed piece of homework. Some of the projects that we received included: fact files, presentations, models and paintings!




Year 3 DT: Sandwich making!

We started this project by taste testing different sandwich fillings and bread, before designing a healthy sandwich! We then designed boxes that were used to contain our 'sarnies'! This photo shows our wonderful creations!



Inter year group 'Hoopball' tournament: Congratulations to 'Keller' house who won the year 3 Hoopball tournament! laughing



Spring half term homework competition: The children were given the opportunity of entering the Radio 2 '500 word short story' competition. We had a healthy amount of entries and the teaching staff had the tricky task of selecting a winner from each class with one overall winner for the year group.

Year group winner: Olivia 3W: 'Magnificent Maisy'

Class winners:

3M - Georgea     3CW - Connor     3P - Jessica     3W - Olivia