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  • My favourite subject is Art because I like drawing, colouring and painting.

  • My favourite subject is science because it is fun.
  • Everything is nice & fair; sometimes we get to do tug of war and activities on the field.
  • This school is very good; all the adults are very kind and help students make good choices.
  • Milford has great teachers, good equipment, science experiments and the school is a calm, friendly environment.

  • The library at our school has lots of amazing books to read.

  • I love and enjoy lessons and think that they are planned well.

  • I think Milford is great because of the lesson qualities.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports leaders have been appointed and are working towards achieving the Gold School Games Mark. 

16 leaders have been selected to support PE across the school. Their responsibilities include:

  • Leading lunch time games and clubs
  • Reporting of school fixtures
  • Preparation of clubs and lessons
  • Promoting a positive attitude towards PE

Our 16 fantastic Year 6 Sports leaders are: Naomi, Beaux, Darius, Ben, Sam, Jedd, Sophie, Meadow, Jasmine,

Sophie, Kai, Harry, Liam, Josh, Connie and Summer. 

You can find the sports reports on this page so be sure to check back regularly.

Many thanks,

Sports Leaders.

Sports Reports

Milford Junior School Quad Kids.

Written by Jasmine and Sophie 

On Wednesday 24th May 2017, the Milford Junior school Quad Kids team went to Mudford Recreation Ground athletics track to compete in the Yeovil Quad Kids athletics competition.


     At 12 o’clock, they all walked down to the track and set up their things. A person said “ The adrenaline is phenomenal!” It was a pleasant, unclouded morning and the Milford Quad Kids team were just warming up for their excitable day ahead of them.  All of the races completed and even if all of the races were lost, they still made Milford Junior School proud!


Dance Competition @ Millfield

On Friday 19th of April Mrs Cleminson’s dance group adventured off to Millfield  to join a dance competition competing against lots of different school.

Soon after they arrived, it was their turn to go on stage and show off what they had been practising. They took the time they had and turned it into something fantastic that they will never forget.

After watching other school great dances, they had a lunch break before watching more dances. Before the judges decision was announced, they all danced to a song called shake it off by Taylor swift. Then was the moment they had all been waiting for - they announced  the group that came third place (that wasn’t Milford). Then they announced  second place, which was Milford!!!! Sadly Milford didn’t come first but second is very good considering we came 7th last year.


Kwik Cricket (Boys and Girls)

By Sam, Naomi, Beaux and Connie

Thursday 11th May 2017

On Thursday 11th May 2017, some students from Milford Junior School competed in a cricket tournament at West Coker. Two of these people were Callum and Aaron who gave us their point of view of finishing second in the group. Callum stated that he was very happy although they could have done better in particular areas. Aaron said that he felt very good and proud as they tried very hard and only lost to South Petherton (who won the group) who had a few county players amongst them.

Thursday 4th May 2017

On the 4th of  May 2017, Milford girls Kwik cricket team and extras  and the year 5 boys team went to the old Westlands field(or the new cricket club via Westlands)  to play the 2017 kwik cricket tournament against yeovil schools. It started at four o’clock  and was meant to end at six o’clock but the girls carried on playing as they where just finishing their last game. First, the girls played  against Ash primary and their captain Connie scored an amazing 6  which boosted their score up. Fortunately they won that game and then they moved on to play East coker. When the girls played East coker in the friendly the girls stated’  it wasn’t a challenge’ but this time they had been very challenging. Again Milford won but they where hard to beat. Last but not least, they played Oaklands and smashed  them and we won again! Greatly Milford girls had gotten through to the next round. Unfortunately, the boys didn’t, but we can’t win everything.


Indoor Athletics county Final Review

Huish College - Taunton

By Sam and Darius


On Tuesday 28th February 2017, 19 Milford Junior School students (from years five and six) went to Taunton to represent their school in the Somerset County Final!


They represented the school really well and did exceptionally in the events. There were many track events including:

  • The obstacle relay
  • The 6 lap race
  • The 4x1 relay

Also, there were many field events:

  • The vertical jump
  • The chest push
  • `
  • The standing long jump


Overall, Milford did brilliantly and came out champions of Somerset with medals and a trophy!

In case you were wondering, here is the table:


School:                                                               Points:

  1. Milford Junior School                   294
  2. Bishop’s Henderson                    278
  3. Hugh Sexey                                 252
  4. St. Joseph’s                                 232
  5. Trinity                                           204
  6. Preston Primary                           198
  7. Elmhurst                                       184
  8. North Petherton                            180



Year 5 Futsal

Buckler’s Mead Academy

By Sam and Darius


On Thursday 23rd February 2017, some year 5 children represented Milford Junior School by competing in the futsal tournament at Bucklers Mead academy. There were two group events and the boys won all of their matches.


They faced Martock in the final and went into a 1-0 lead. Sadly, Martock equalised before half time to make it 1-1 at the interval. In the second half, Milford hit the post twice and the crossbar once. Unfortunately, Martock took advantage of Milford’s missed opportunities and ended up as 3-1 winners.

Overall, the boys represented the school really well and coming second place is a great achievement.




Bikeability with year 6


A selection of year 6 pupils have been given the chance to learn how to ride their bikes on the road safely!! This included a different variety of techniques, hand signals and safety facts on riding a bike on road or path!!


A pupil in the class 6N said that it was an extremely good 2 days worth lesson and it has helped their confidence and ability!!! They also stated that it was an extremely fun way to learn the things they did.


They all enjoyed it very much and would definitely do it again!!!!!!!!!


By Beaux Channing




Year 6 Basketball - Yeovil Area Tournament

By Sam and Darius

On Tuesday 21st February 2017, some of our year six pupils represented Milford Juniors by playing in a basketball at Yeovil College.

The Team:








They won three of their four games and they drew one. Every player scored a hoop and the came second overall!



Indoor Athletics Somerset Finals Preview - A look ahead to the event

By Sam And Darius

On Tuesday 28th February 2017, some Milford Juniors pupils will be going to Taunton for the Indoor Athletics Somerset County Finals. As two of the people going, we are really looking forward to the event and feel quite confident that we will do well.

It is a great achievement for us to get this far for a second year on the trot but hopefully we will go further and progress from this competition this year and maybe win it! After breezing through the previous two competitions, we will be looking for another impressive triumph.

Wish the Milford team very well to urge us on a little bit more!


ESFA Football Finals


Image result for esfa finals logo

Milford A-team county finals

By Kai,Ben and Harry!


On the 27th of January, Milford A-team played at Bridgewater for the county final.They did very well and came 2nd of 64 teams.

First we won 1-0 against Saint Kenya, next we won again against Saint Josephs 3-1.

Then we won against Fairlands 2-1 and we drew against minehead 2-2 and finally we won against Locking.

So that took us through to the semi-finals... and we won in penalties! The keeper even scored!!!!

Now we went to the finals and we lost by a free kick in the last second of the game.

We our super proud of the team's achievements. Well done boys!   

Hockey at Mudford Rec


Image result for hockey sticks


The first match they played was
against Ash Primary. It was a close game that ended up as a 0-0 draw. Everybody who played, played brilliantly. The next match was against The Park School, which sadly they lost 4-0. Everyone played fantastically well. Amazingly, they won the next match 3-0 against Huish. Aaron said the matches were a very good experience. The last match was against Birchfield, which they drew 3-3. Sadly, Milford didn’t make it through to the next round due to goals scored Ash scored 1 more than Milford, so they went through. Everyone who played enjoyed it and would love to do it again.

By Naomi, Beaux, Josh and Jedd.   



Check out this link on Twitter...


Indoor athletics at Westfield

On Tuesday 29th November 2016 some of our year 6 pupils took part in an Indoor Athletics competition at Westfield Academy! Everybody who took part really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. They took part in speed bounce, vertical jump, 6x6 relay, 2+2 relay, chest push, 1+1 relay, triple jump and the standing jump. Jedd, who went to Westfield, said that he would like to do it again and would highly recommend it. keegan , who went as well, said that he can’t wait for the next round and everyone tried their hardest and it worked!!!!!!!

Well done to everyone who took part and good luck in the next round!!!!!

By Beaux,Naomi (and tiny bit of help by Josh).


Netball at Bucklers


On Monday 28th November Milfords netballers played a friendly tournament against Huish. Amazingly, Milford won all of their matches. Overall the score was 21:1 to Milford. We played 4 matches, in the first one it was 9:0, in the second one it was 6:1, in the third one it was 4:0 and in the last one it was 2:0. Meadow, one of our top goal scorers said that it was a really good experience and she would absolutely love to do it again! Jasmine ,also one of milfords great netball players, told us that she really enjoyed it although it was very tiring but she would like to do it again if there was another opportunity!!! Millie, who loves to play netball, really enjoyed it and stated that it was very fun and if there was another match she would definately do it again.It was a very good match and all of them who played would do it again!!!!!!

By Beaux, Naomi and a little help from Josh!!!!!!!!!!  


Handball at westfield


On Friday 25th November, some our Y6 peers travelled to Westfield Academy to play a handball tournament. Amazingly, Milford came 2nd overall! When interviewed, Chloe, a Y6 student said that it was really good and she would love to do it again. As well as interviewing Santino, who said that he really enjoyed it and the organisation was amazing and very well planned! Also, Nat played as defence and he told us that it was great fun and he would really love to do it again if there was another Handball Tournament. Everybody who played really enjoyed it.

By Naomi Beaux and Josh


Milford netball team news  

By Jasmine and Sophie,

On Tuesday 15th November 2016, Milford junior school’s netball teams (A and B team) played many schools and won and drew many here is what happened.

The A team played East Coker for their first game, their score was 6-0 the.  The A team were pulling it out the bag already and it was only their first game.  Then they played Preston A team and carried on with their success with a fantastic score of 4-0. The third and final game A team played, was Preston B team. With their score of 3-0, they managed a total score that was a whopping 13-0!!! This meant they had won all three games.Well done A team we hope you can keep it up!

As well as the A team getting good scores, B team weren’t far behind in getting in two draws and one win! Let’s get on with the scores then shall we. First the B team played Huish and they drew 0-0. Don’t worry B team you still have the next two games. Secondly, they played East Coker and  this time they smashed in another draw making it 1-1 . keep it up Milford  team. The final game was a bit of luck, they had an amazing win against Ash with 2-1.  I hope had an amazing time.


Cross Country at YTFC

Report by Meadow and Sophie, Sports Leaders.


Hi, it’s Meadow and Sophie here and today we are going to talk about Cross country.

On Wednesday the 2nd of November, Cross Country took place at Yeovil Town football club. There was hills, round a car park, two football fields and some flat bits. Just over 100 people took part in each race. MJS had some good places at the end of the races.


Here are some opinions from people who took part in the races. We asked Sophie what she thought: ‘I thought that it was good fun and tiring

At the end. I would do it again any day.’

Connie; ‘I felt really good and i would totally do it again.’

Kai ; ‘i felt amazing and i really enjoyed it very much.’

Jamie-Leigh; ‘I thought it was tiring and i was feeling confident. I thought it was great fun.’

Makayla; ‘I thought it was really tiring but it was really good.I enjoyed it very much.’


Well there you go, everyone enjoyed it, even though it was very tiring. Sophie actually came 3rd in the race for the second time in a row! Will she beat it next time or will she stay the same? Sam came 5th and even though we did not get an opinion from him were still sure he enjoyed it very,very much.


A-Team Tournament

South Somerset Finals

By Sam and Jedd


On Thursday 3rd November 2016, Milford Junior School A-Team went down to Mudford Rec to participate in the ESFA South Somerset Finals. They got got to this stage by winning the previous competition at the same destination.

We eased through the group stage, conceding no goals. If you are interested, here are the results:

4-0 to us

3-0 to us

3-0 to us


Next, we had the semi-final against Tatworth. We won this 2-0. This announced our presence in the Somerset finals in Bridgwater.


King Ina were our opposition in the final. The first half was tight and finished 0-0. We took the lead in the second half from Jedd’s goal which boosted our confidence. Soon, we went 2-0 up (scored by Josh.) Yes! Soon, King Ina pulled a goal back but it was too little, too late. The final whistle blew to announce us as South Somerset champions!

Full time: King Ina 1-2 Milford Junior School.



Buckler's Mead penalty shootout 

By Josh and Liam.


On Thursday our year 6s, of Milford junior school, walked up to Bucklers mead. To do 3 different sporting activities,with the help of some year 9 children,on the all weather carpet, Astro turf. It was a great pleasure to show of are sporting talent. One of the activities was a intense, fun  penalty shootout between the 3 schools Birchfield , St Michael's and us, Milford. Unfortunately, some of our students got knocked out from the nerve racking penalty shootout. There were 4 people  1 from Bichfield ,1 from St Michael's and 2 from Milford. The finalists from Milford were Kai and Josh. Unluckily enough, Kai  got knocked out of the competition and the only pupils left was Josh and 1 pupil from Birchfield. Suddenly, the pupil from Birchfield missed and Josh took the opportunity very well and won the penalty shootout for Milford.

You can see a picture on the year 6 page of the website.



Year 5\6 A TEAM ESFA Tournament

By Kai and Harry

On Tuesday 4th October,the A team played at Mudford Reck against  All Saints Montacute, which they won 2-0.

There second school who we played against was South Petherton and they got a 3-0 win and that got them into the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals they played burchfield and  they won 3-0 again which got them into the final.

And their last match against preston they won 1-0, which got them in the next tournament.

Luckily, they won every game.The tournement they  played in was the ESFA.There group was pool B.

Their last game against Preston was a very tough game.It started at 1:45 and finished around 3:30.

We can’t wait to do the next tournament and challenge ourselves against other teams.


Year 5/6 Girls football - ESFA tournament.

By Jasmine and Sophie.


On Tuesday 4th October 2016 Milford Junior School girls football teams played in ESA football .First of all,they played Ash and won 6-0 with some fantastic goals from Jasmine,Naomi,Makayla and Eloise!

Secondly,we played South Petherton and again won with 3-0 which kept their spirit high to win the next game.They kept them high,even when they got told that there was no drinking water to refull.One of the fooball players,Charlotte,says”i hated handball” and Eloise said ‘she liked the way Mrs Cleminson shouted at us to make us do better.’With even greater succsess,Milford won the third game in a row against martock 3-0.But eventaully ran out as we lost 0-2 to West Chinnock.

Again,we had to play South Petherton and won 2-0 but they had no time left to redeem.

The good thing was,they came 3rd overall and there School was picked out to come and play the next tournament!!!

We have also been selected to take part in the next round as one school cannot make it! :)


Year 4 Football Team!

By Harry 

Yestarday at Bucklers Mead the year 4 played 4 matches against

Burchfield,Preston,Martock and last but not least Huish.They

won two and lost two .Their first match they lost, their second

Match they won again and their last match they lost unfortunately. They were only friendly’s but they were representing the school as well. They played on the astro-turf . The scores for two of the games were:2-1 win and a 3-0 loss.

 It started at 3:30pm and finished at 5:00pm.  The games were about 15 minuets long so they probably got a few goals in.The reason why the played is so that they could represent Milford Junior School and experience competitive competition.


Canoeing at Sutton Bingham (session 2)!!!

By Kai  and Harry.

On Friday the 30th of September the year 6 sports leaders  went canoeing for 2 hours. We used the kata conoe’s and sit on tops. It was lots of fun. Loads of us fell in and somebody (Kai) fell in eleven times. We started at 3:30pm and finished around 5:45.The water was freezing cold that it was making us shiver.

We went on lots of trips around lake. We also did lots of racing around the lake too. Some of us went on the sit on tops and some of us went on the Kata conoe’s. There was even a resting place in the middle where you could lie down and relax as the other people did the hard work.

In the end I think nearly all of us fell in the freezing cold water.

Coming up to nearly the end of our session we had a look on how many of us we could fit on one boat. We cold only fit seven on a boat, which is one more than the world record. Then it was the end of the session. We would love to go back and do it again.


Netball at Westfield:

By Sophie and Meadow.

Image result for netball

Last week, the netball A team played a match at Westfield Academy. They played 3 matches. They drew 1-1 with Ilchester, lost 0-4 to Birchfield and finished off with a fantastic 5-0 victory over St Michaels.

The team had a great time and really enjoyed it. We can't wait for future games.


Sports Leaders Kayaking at Sutton Bingham Resevoir

By Sam and Jedd.

Friday 16th September 2016

Image result for sutton bingham reservoir kayak

As we were chosen to be sports leaders for Milford Junior School, we had the amazing opportunity of  having a kayaking session at Sutton Bingham Reservoir. The session was taken place from around 3:30pm to around 5:45pm so we could get to school to be collected at 6 o’clock.

The session was started with a well manage safety check which included putting on buoyancy aides. Next we collected the paddles and played a small warm up game with them. Before we knew it we were in the reservoir- in kayaks of course. We learnt how to make a raft and to go forward and turn right and left.

Later we played cops and robbers where we had to run away or chase each other. The cops had to gently tap on the robber’s boats twice to capture them. We also played Sharks and Dolphins which is basically Bulldog. To finish off we did raft running on the boats and loads of us fell in. overall, it was a great trip and we can’t wait to do it again on the 30th.